This exciting, historically accurate, true crime thriller is set in Maplecroft in 1905, Fall River, MA, thirteen years after the unsolved double murder of Andrew Borden, a wealthy businessman and his wife, Abby. On a hot August morning the bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden were found bludgeoned to death. The youngest daughter, Lizzie, the only suspect of the crime, was subsequently tried and acquitted only to become the most notorious woman of her day.   

Emma, her loyal sister and confidante, has recently moved out of their beautiful Queen Ann Mansion due to a dispute over the "carryings on" in their home. Too many late night parties with theatricals perhaps. The reporters who plagued Lizzie's life during the trial are back with a vengeance ready to once again make up and misconstrue whatever they need to get the story.

Share an intimate experience with Lizzie as she speaks out for the first time about her life, betrayals, and the relationships with her miserly father, overbearing stepmother, mouse of a sister and the stunning beauty and great Shakespearean actress, Nance O'Neil.

Lizzie, a far cry from the monster the press has made her out to be, reveals her deep hunger for living and desperate need to reinvent herself.

Innocent in a court of law.  Guilty in the court of public opinion.  Condemned by society....The legend comes to life with humor and insight as the real Lizzie steps on stage. 

Did she or didn't she do it? You decide.

, a one-woman show, written and performed by award winning New York actress, Jill Dalton, directed by Jack McCullough with incidental music by Emmy winning Larry Hochman.